David Park, Attorney at Law

Is A Nurse Case Manager Your Friend?

The short answer is NO!

Nurse Case Managers are hired by insurance companies to act as the eyes and ears for the insurance company.  They are hired to attend your medical appointments with your doctor and to report back to the insurance company with everything they see and hear.

They are also hired to interfere with your medical treatment and to convince your doctor to take as many shortcuts as possible with your medical care.  Ultimately, they are hired to save the insurance company money by reducing your medical treatment costs.

To most inexperienced injured workers and personal injury claimants, Nurse Case Managers will present themselves as a routine part of your case, or someone who is entitled to be involved in your case.  This is not true.

Although Nurse Case Managers may have the right to communicate with your doctor on behalf of the insurance company, they are NOT entitled to sit in on your medical appointments or any other meetings you may have with your doctor or any other medical care professional.

If a Nurse Case Manager tries to interfere with your medical appointments, you have every legal right to ask them to leave.  In fact, we do not ever let any Nurse Case Managers come near our clients or get involved with our clients’ medical appointments.

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