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How To Deal With Insurance Claims Adjusters

After you file a claim for injuries, whether it is a personal injury claim or a work injury claim, you are going to have to deal with an insurance claims adjuster.  Make no mistake.  They are not on your side.

They will ask you for many things under the excuse of needing them in order to process your claim.  They will ask for medical records.  They will ask you to sign authorization forms or releases so they can dig up any records you don’t voluntarily hand over to them.  They will ask for earnings information.

They might even try to lure you into signing a quick settlement agreement for some paltry sum of money.  They will also try to get you to give them a statement, either over the phone, in person, in writing, or any combination thereof.

Do not do any of these things without first consulting an experienced attorney unless you are willing to seriously jeopardize your entire claim.

Contrary to what the claims adjuster may try to lead you to believe, you have no obligation whatsoever to provide any of these things to them.

In fact, we recommend that YOU ask THEM the following:

  • Can I talk to your client alone?
  • How much insurance does your client have?
  • Can I take a recorded statement of your client?
  • Will your client sign a letter saying that they are 100% at fault in causing my injuries?
  • Will you pay my medical bills right now?
  • Will you pay me for my lost wages right now?

Listen to the adjuster’s answers to these questions.  Their response and demeanor will reveal exactly whose side they are on and exactly how much of an obligation you actually have to give these same types of things over to them.

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